US returning land to Japan it's controlled since World War Ⅱ

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The US military is going to return to Japan's government more than 9,800 acres of land which has held since World War Ⅱ.
The US and Japan have been negotiating the handover since 1990s but on Monday the secretary of defense Ash Carter came to Japan to shore up the relations between US and Japan military and said that the formal handover is due to on December 21 and 22 in this year. The presense has been most contentious on Okinawa, where about half of those US troops are based and where relations between US military personnel and residents deteriorated this year following several violent incident related to American bases on the island.

▽my opinions
Well, this is good for Japan because as I said in the summery, there is some violent incidents related to the US military in Okinawa and people hated that they are still staying there as the military. However, if a war or any fight against other countries happened again, the US military would not work for Japan like president Donald Trump wants.
I thought we need to think the beyond the thing not just the circumstance around us when we think about the future of our country because all counties are related on various view.